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Ogden Sullivan Stover & Saar, P.A. represents a diverse client base in the transportation, trucking, brokering, freight-forwarding, logistics, warehousing, and rideshare industries. Accidents rarely occur during business hours. Rather, accidents often happen on weekends, holidays, and during the late-night or early morning hours in these industries that service the community 24/7.

In case of emergency, please contact us at 813-542-2666

The hours following a trucking or motor vehicle accident are critical. For this reason, Ogden Sullivan Stover & Saar, P.A. has a team of experienced attorneys on standby 24/7 for rapid responses to accident scenes. Our attorneys are members of transportation and trucking organizations and have specialized knowledge in understanding and interpreting the requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Additionally, our attorneys dutifully keep apprised of the latest developments in these industries.

Once contacted, our attorneys immediately begin the investigation and utilize our network of highly qualified accident reconstruction engineers, conspicuity experts, human factors experts, trucking experts, private investigators, and field adjusters. Our attorneys are also directly involved in every step of the investigatory process to collect and preserve relevant evidence and data based on state and federal laws and regulations, based on our specialized knowledge of the motor vehicles involved, and based on the availability and access to onboard and electronic data recording equipment.

We also take an active approach in investigating an accident scene by canvassing nearby properties for surveillance footage, obtaining witness statements, preparing preservation demands, managing client relations with law enforcement, preparing public records requests, ensuring compliance with all state and federal law and regulations, and providing timely and informed reporting to our clients.

Ogden Sullivan Stover & Saar, P.A.’s Rapid Response team can be contacted through our website, and our established clients also have access to our attorneys’ personal cell phone numbers 24/7. Our Rapid Response team includes Attorneys Tim Sullivan, Heather Stover, and Justin Saar.

If your company or insured has been involved in an accident or situation that needs immediate attention, please contact us at 813-542-2666

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